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About Budji Layug, Interior Designer  

Antonio "Budji" Layug, an international designer of furniture and interiors, is the third of eight children in a Filipino furniture manufacturing family. He studied at the New York School of Interior Design and took up architecture at the Sto. Tomas University in Manila. Budji then spent seven years traveling the world, expanding his understanding of foreign culture, art and design.

Upon his return to the Philippines, Budji began to explore his native country's landscape as vigorously as he had explored the European and American continents. One day on a beach, in the mid-seventies, while watching two men build a traditional bamboo outrigger canoe, the seeds for a new venture were sown. Fascinated by their skill and their use of native materials, Budji then began to design furniture that incorporated traditional techniques and indigenous organic materials such as panda, bamboo and Philippine hardwoods to create sleek, elegant and a thoroughly wide range of aesthetics and experiences to select from, and soon his overriding passion would become clear: the harmony of nature brought indoors to create beautiful, peaceful living spaces.

Budji's training both as an architect and interior designer have given him a highly developed sense of interior and exterior space, and he insists that each design fit into both. "A total design approach from exterior to interior is essential to creating a style that will endure the passage of time." This includes home furnishings and furniture designs that complement the space.

Budji's reputation as an extraordinary international interior designer stems from his holistic approach to design. In the homes that he has designed in recent years, he combines state of the art techniques and his own contemporary furniture designs with an eclectic mis of art and antiques from all over the world. Each of his spaces speak volumes about the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces: under his direction the garden and home become one. "I like to live with what is outside by bringing it into the living space."

His fame as a furniture designer has largely resulted from his commitment to organic forms and materials, especially those found in his native Philippines, and his fresh interpretation of those forms into uniquely modern designs. In designing furniture, Budji is as devoted to craftsmanship and detailing as he is to funstion and basic design.

Budji continues to develop his furniture collections and is considering a line of accessories to complement his design. His interior design projects over residential projects, recreational facilities, condominiums, hotels, restaurant, public spaces, corporate offices and landscaping. In all of Budji\s endeavors, his simple design philosophy reigns: Design in every discipline attains excellence when form and function co-exists harmoniously.

Budji Layug

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